Credit Clear Services – 70% of UK Credit Card Agreements Are Unenforceable!

In today’s uncertain economy, the demand for Credit Clear Services Debt Elimination service is at an all time high. Thousand are unable to pay credit card debt due to the downturn. Banks are bracing themselves for a new wave of claims to hit as 70% of credit card & loan agreements deemed to be “severely flawed & unenforceable”… No wonder business is booming for Credit Clear Services as more and more people are discovering Debt Elimination as the more attractive alternative to debt consolidation or a debt management program. Credit Clear Services are leaders in their field of Debt Elimination. There is no need for expensive credit card debt consolidation services that do more harm on your credit rating. That’s why their growing numbers of clients are raving fans of the service they offer. It’s testament to the exceedingly high level of professional and ethical service they provide. Says one Credit Clear client; “I was uncertain about the reality of eliminating my debt this way. I didn’t really think it could be possible. So I spoke to a consultant and after they explained the process I felt very assured and was very excited to get started. This is the best decision I’ve ever made and now I’m on track for a debt free Christmas!” It’s no surprise clients get excited by the prospect of having Credit Clear Services eliminate their debt because they have a very impressive track record. The results speak for themselves and in every case to date they’ve had their clients’ outstanding debt written off – in full. What’s more, Credit Clear Services is regulated by the Ministry of Justice which means at all times they are acting within the law and providing a service that is legal, ethical and just. How is it possible you can have your debt simply wiped out? Currently in the UK, it’s estimated over 70% of all credit agreements are flawed and therefore unenforceable. Essentially, this means there is an excellent chance your credit agreements may not be worth the paper they’re written on. “If your credit agreements are found to be flawed and unenforceable, our legal team will act on your behalf to have your credit debts wiped out” says Simon Helliwell of Credit Clear Services. The entire process takes around 90 days. And it doesn’t stop there. Store card finance agreements, white and brown goods financial agreements and vehicle finance have all come under the careful scrutiny of the Credit Clear Services legal team. In many cases, these agreements have also been found to be flawed and unenforceable. Who are Credit Clear Services typical clients? According to Simon, their clients are usually dual income professional or semi professional couples with children, aged between 35 and 44. The average debt their clients have is a substantial £70,000 – £90,000. He says that for the vast majority of these people, it has simply become unrealistic to continue to service their sizable debts. They’ve reached breaking point financially and are desperate to find a solution. How do people get themselves into such a high level of debt? In recent years, the affluent and middle classes in particular have taken advantage of the vast number of low-cost and highly available credit options. According to latest statistics, nearly 50% of the estimated 31.5 million credit cards in the UK are owned by just 5% of the population. Many of these people are juggling 5 or more credit cards. Now, the combination of continued lifestyle commitments and the compounding effects of recent changes in global financial money markets (the so called “credit crunch”) many people who fall within this demographic are struggling to meet just their basic financial obligations. . Credit Clear Services are offering a life line to their clients. They’re giving people the opportunity to eliminate their debts, wipe the slate clean and have a fresh financial start. Not surprisingly, it’s a service rapidly gaining in popularity and credibility. An increasing number of people are choosing Credit Clear Services Debt Elimination process as the preferred solution to their debt problems. And just how will this affect the lenders? Well it’s a good question and the banks and lending institutions are already preparing themselves for the new wave of claims. GE Money is just one lender who has already accrued £3.5 Billion on their balance sheet for this fresh round of mis-selling claims.

Replenish Credit Score By Credit Card Debt Management Services

Credit cards are getting popular these days due to the convenience it offers. In other words there is no need to carry cash all the time if you have a credit card. But while using credit cards the people generally forget it’s another aspect that is high rate of interest. And once the credit cards debts start building it is very difficult to control them. As if an individual doesn’t pay his debts on time, interest on them starts building which furthers worsens the financial condition which in turn emerges as bad credit in the credit report of a person. So, in order to avoid such undesirable situation it’s better to avail credit card debt management services. Credit card debt management service basically provides an advice as how to handle your credit cards debts effectively. A credit card debt management service is the part of debt management services. The agencies offering credit card debt management services combine all the credit card debts of a person into a single debt which enable him to pay single payment rather than paying to number of creditors. In simple terms after availing credit card debt management services the person deals with single lender and not with number of creditors. The agencies offering such management services negotiate with the creditors of the borrower and appeal them to reduce the rate of interest and waive certain penalties if possible. As a result of which the person is able to save money which he can use for some other purpose. Availing debt management services also helps in improving the credit score of a person. Credit card debt management services not only help the person in managing the present debts but also guides the person regarding handling debts in future so that same situation doesn’t arise in future. It is also recommended that the person must consult to credit counsellor. Credit counsellors listen to the problem, evaluate it and suggest the measure according to the problem. Usually these credit counsellors provide free advice but sometimes they charge nominal fee for their services. Other than availing credit card debt management services the person has an alternative to get rid off the debts through bankruptcy and IVA’s. But they are never suggested as they are considered as bad credit for a person which comes up as a hurdle in performing any activity in the financial market. So, the person should never go for these kinds of alternatives.

What’s The Best “free” Shopping Cart Solution ?

Oscommerce Shopping Cart is Free for the Taking !

osCommerce (available as free download from ( is the most comprehensive and popular open source ecommerce Cart system in existence. It has a huge list of features and is probably the most versatile ecommerce cart solution and offers vast range of customization choices for the on-line storefront owners depending on their need at a very affordable price.

If you are looking for setting up an ecommerce store, you should definitely consider osCommerce. Oscommerce shopping cart is an online shop ecommerce solution that offers a wide range of out of the box features that allow online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the GNU General Public License. osCommerce is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend, which can be easily configured over web. What are the Requirements : With no special requirements, osCommerce is able to run on any PHP 4.1+ enabled web server running on Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows environments.

What are the Advantages? It is a very excellent, full-featured, cart. Uses Php and MySQL. -Supports a wide range of credit-card processors and shipping services. -It uses an indexed database and can handle a large number of products (10’s of thousands). Many Hosting companies include installation as Readymade Scripts. One of the main benefits of osCommerce is that If your hosting company doesn’t install osCommerce you may still be able to install it yourself or have someone install it for you osCommerce would be hard to compete with even if it cost as much as the most expensive commercial ecommerce carts. -There are a large number of available add-on modules and many more in development A Quick look at the Bad points : Technical support is limited to the osCommerce forums, which are not that much helpful to newbies.

Customizing this store can take a bit more technical knowledge. osCommerce is one of the most full featured and configurable ecommerce carts available, but if you aren’t comfortable with modifying files you may want to hire someone to set this up for you. Installing of multiple additional modules takes your manhours.

It may be a while before an update is available to a payment module. These are done by unpaid enthusiasts. Note before you choose your Hosting for osCommerce : Any web host that includes MySql should also satisfy the requirments for osCommerce installation. So, you can easily get started with osCommerce. You will definitely get stuck with few things in the beginning. But if you browse through the forums or the knowledgebase, you have the solution.

The best thing about using oScommerce is that you own it once you install it. This means that you can move if to another web host at any time
which will save you many hours setting up your store all over again.

Credit Card Disputes For Timeshare Fraud

Many timeshare scam companies work with large credit card providers, such as Bank of America, to set up new credit cards for clients to finance the timeshare purchase. Often the clients sign some vague paperwork for financing, and don’t realize that it is actually an application for a credit card. When they return home, the credit card arrives with the full charge for the timeshare already posted to the new credit card at a high interest rate. When the client calls the bank to inquire or dispute these charges stating that they were not aware that they were setting up a credit card, the company will show the paperwork that the client signed authorizing this type of financing. Ultimately, the credit card companies make millions of dollars in interest on these timeshare charges each year. As such, they have no interest in allowing the disputes to be successful, even if the timeshare was sold under fraudulent premises, because they have a valid written contract signed by the timeshare scam victim.

Even if the credit card was previously owned by the client, the likelihood of being able to cancel a timeshare scam contract via the credit card company is very low. The typical process is that the client will file a dispute with the credit card company, claiming that the timeshare company misrepresented the details of the timeshare contract. The credit card company will post a temporary credit back to the client´s account while the dispute is being processed. The resort will be informed by the credit card company that the charge is being disputed on the basis of timeshare fraud. The resort is required to show written proof of the client´s acceptance of the terms of the contract. In most timeshare scam cases, this works in the resort’s favor as all the misrepresentations made are usually verbal promises. The written contracts are carefully reviewed on a regular basis by the resort’s legal team to ensure that it covers their interests, and not the clients. Once the resort sends a copy of the written contract to the credit card company, in most cases, the credit card company is required to repost the charge back onto the client’s credit card.

Other clients who have rescinded their timeshare contracts within the 5 day cancellation period allowed by Mexican law, and filed a credit card dispute at the same time, have found that the dispute process can delay the refund process. Normally, if a refund is approved by the resort, they will process it back to the credit card where the charge was initiated originally. If the charge is already in the dispute, the resort will require the dispute to be finalized before any refund is made, in case the temporary credit back to the card by the credit card company becomes permanent. This can delay the refund of the money and cause confusion for the timeshare scam victim.

In some cases it can be advantageous to file a credit card dispute. For example, if your payment is due, and you have hired our services to cancel your contract, this can be a way to delay the credit card payments that you were already required to make, without incurring interest charges or negative reports to your credit score.

How To Accept Credit Cards At Your Yard Sale With Square

In the Spring, lots of people hold yard sales to get rid of clutter and make some extra money. As long as you plan and advertise your yard sale well enough, and offer a wide variety of items, you have the potential to make hundreds of dollars in just one or two days. Because yard sales are generally cash-only endeavors, your profit will be instantaneous, and there’s no need to go to the bank to cash a check.

Accepting only cash at a yard sale is traditional, but it’s also limiting. Your customers can’t spend more than the money they have in their pockets. If they don’t have enough money for everything they want, they could go back home and return with more money, but they also might decide to just go home.

If you could accept credit cards at your yard sale, you could offer your customers another payment option. Almost everyone has a credit card that they carry around for spontaneous use or emergencies, and so you would have the potential to make even more money. How can you accept credit cards at your yard sale? Mobile devices now offer lots of conveniences, and the ability to accept credit card payments from anywhere is one of them. One of the most popular services is Square.

How to Sign Up for Square
At Square’s website,, you can register for a free account. Lots of small businesses are taking advantage of Square, but it’s also perfect for short-term use, like for a yard sale. Because there are no fees to start, there’s really no risk involved in just signing up. Square will mail you a credit card reader, which attaches to your smartphone or tablet, at no cost. After you register, download the free Square app, and connect the credit card reader to your device, you’re all set.

How Square Works
If it doesn’t cost anything to sign up for Square, then what’s the catch? The way it works is Square will keep 2.75 percent of each sale you make. There are no extra fees to the customer. You can also enter credit card numbers in manually without using the credit card reader, and the feel for manual transactions is 3.5 percent and 15 cents. Transactions are instant, just like making a credit card payment at any store, and they’re secure. Your profits will then be deposited directly into your bank account within 12 to 36 hours after the sale.

Using Square at Your Yard Sale
If you want to use Square at your yard sale, you will have the potential to make more money than with a cash-only sale. Even though Square will take 2.75 percent of your profits, you will still make more money, because most of those credit card purchases are likely to be sales you wouldn’t have made otherwise. You can email digital receipts to your customers, and you can even process refunds if necessary up to 60 days after the sale. Square accepts Discover, American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.

It can take up to two weeks to receive your credit card reader in the mail, so be sure to sign up at least two weeks before your yard sale so you’ll receive it in time.

Convenient Banking Solutions By Asb Fast Net Services

ASB (Auckland Savings Bank)bank was started in 1847. Operational in New Zealand, it is one of the biggest banks, with branches throughout the nation. To offere convenient banking solutions, it established its Internet Banking Services (IBS) to offer following solutions to its retail and commercial customers.

Providing valuable information
Easy E- banking services
Apply for any product online
Secure Online transaction facility
Check balances and statements
Transfer funds and make bill payments

It also provides credit card authorization for e-merchants. The bank operates in a very secure platform. Any body can visit the bank’s official website and find valuable information there.
ASB fastnet was launched in in April 1996.

The Online Services offered by ASB Online banking are:-

ASB Card Pay:-
It is a real-time credit card payment facility used for business purposes where products are sold via internet by mail order or through a call center. Customers details are captured and are transmitted to the bank. After authorization, the fund is credited to customer”ýýs bank account.

Payment Express:- It is a Visa and MasterCard certified solution used in electronic payments from multiple access points.

Support:- Provides support and assistance in protecting your account against fraudulent acts and protect confidential information. Also ensures 24-hours a day, seven days a week helpdesk support and back-up services.
Paystation services:-It is a Paymark Certified Solutions Provider that specializes in making easy payment processing and lowering the technology entry level and cost. It supports Internet credit card payment facilities provided by New Zealand banks – ANZ, ASB, Bank of New Zealand, Kiwi bank, The National Bank and Westpac.

Voice mail service:-The bank is currently using a computer telephony integration (CTI) plug-in that delivers voice mail to an e-mail inbox, and integrates calendar and directory functions.
Mobile commerce services:-Customers can securely pay for goods and services from their bank account using their mobile phone.

VISA business card of ASB:- It is useful in paying for business purchases and expenses.

Business saver:-It is an online business deposit account used for GST, provisional tax and other business expenses.
Stream line account:- Online monitoring of accounts. Only you have to ‘register in “Statement Stopper’ in FastNet Classic.
Fast saver:-Fast Saver is the phone and internet, high interest savings account.

Accept Credit Cards Online Without Opening A Merchant Account

Merchant account has been a necessity for the retailers in order to accept credit cards from their customers online on their websites. Usually you must go to your bank, they evaluate your risks and only then after thorough checks you are allowed to open a merchant account. Opening a merchant account takes a lot of time – lots of paperwork is needed, your credit score should be checked, your websites are checked thoroughly. The acquiring bank can easily decline your application if your product seems a bit risky to them. Such things happen especially when you try to sell your digital products online – ebooks or software. So it can be a quite hard to start processing credit cards online. But today, it is not the only option for the business which is just on the start up move. There are a number of services which does not require merchant account for accepting credit cards. All you have to do is just to signup on one of these companies, add your product details to the system and place payment buttons on your website. They will resell your product – your customers will be able to buy your product with credit cards or Paypal payments – and you will get your earnings paid out directly to your bank account or Paypal.

In order to accept credit cards online without a merchant account you have to:

1. Search for the existing credit card processors online that would process payments for you. You have to find whether you need a processor to accept cards both in online and offline mode. Then you need to locate whether the processor allows your special product type to be accepted.

2. Then you must initiate an investigation for the third party payment processors which are available. Some of third party payment processors have comparatively higher transactions fees than others, but on the other hand they provide very responsive services and makes immediate bank account transfers. So make sure you get all information beforehand – processing rates, refund and chargeback fees, a list of accepted product types.

3. When you find a right company, just signup on it and provide some personal details. All of them require your personal details, bank account information, contact details and an email address.

4. In some cases you will also need to provide the social security number for applying through the third party processors, depending on the sales turnover and account needs.

5. The next important stage is incorporating the service into the website. This requires a bit of web development consultations to create some attractive payment buttons for the customers to complete their purchase. Usually once your account is approved, you have to submit products that you are planning to sell for an approval. The processor usually checks your website and product’s sales pages whether you provide enough information about the product, they compare if your website complies to all regulatory rules and then approves your product. Once you get your product approved, you are provided a simple html code to place on your website to direct visitors to your product’s checkout page – to order the product. All you have to do is just to place those payment buttons on your website and you will be ready to go.

Once you have everything set up, all you have to do is just to start advertising your website online to get visitors… Potential customers will read your website and find all payment buttons you provide. They will be redirected to your products checkout pages and be able to buy using their credit cards or Paypal account.

This way you don’t need to open a separate merchant account to sell products online. One more good thing for using 3rd party payment processors is that you don’t have to deal with possible credit card fraud. Such companies will check all your transactions for you, so you can be sure that you will sell your products successfully without any potential risks to your account getting closed.

Checking The Best Methods For Credit Card- Processing Online

Buying and selling things is much easier now as you can accomplish these tasks by clicking a mouse. Companies have their own online accounts in which the money is deposited as customers buy their services. In other words, the customers can buy things according to their own suitability. In addition to that, service providing companies earn more as their products are sold without any time restrictions. People log in at any time and then place their orders. However, the error free processing of these transactions depends on a lot of factors and credit card processing online is one of them.

There are a number of credit card processing online companies which assist in online transactions. Each company has the payment plan for sellers. For example, if you want to sell your services through the internet and accept payments through plastic money, you need to register for an account. To get this account registered, you need to pay a certain sum of money for online installation and other features.

How can you select a credit card processing online company which can set up a quality account without charging a large sum of money? Every company provides a list of its features on its website. The companies which get these online payment options activated vary in terms of scalability. These days, a lot of small scaled businesses operate online. Hence, all their customers make their payment online. However, the companies operating these businesses have limited monetary resources. Thus, they look for cost effective options in terms of online payment processing services.

To get hold of the right company, you need to examine the parameters offered by the online processing firm. What kind of software application is being offered? What kind of support does the application offer to the buyer and the seller? These factors help in determining the price charged by the credit card processing online company.

What kind of payment gateways is the processing company supporting? This is a very important aspect and is ignored by most sellers. A customer may get irritated if a website does not support a particular payment gateway. Customers seek the best discount rates. Some of them select the company with the best discount rate without even considering the other services offered by the company.

Online payment options need to be finalized carefully if you want your business to run well and increase your sales figures.

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Credit Card Debt Bailout Is Fastest Strategy Of Debt Elimination

Many consumers in debt have been hearing about the term “credit card debt bailout”. In some cases, consumers tend to believe that there are bailouts and grants for their debt burdens.

This simply isn’t true. Think about it. If there really is a government bailout, don’t you think the announcement would be plastered all over the news? This belief is actually not their fault. It is the result of a wide range of advertisements available in the media today.

Some debt relief companies advertise their programs as part of a government initiative. This is an advertising deceit used to grab consumers’ attention.

But this does not suggest that effective credit card debt relief programs are not available out there. In the contrary, there are many legitimate companies that can offer credit card debt bailout and will help you eliminate debt effectively. They may help you become debt free without having to declare bankruptcy.

If you are in search of a credit card debt bailout or grant, there is a close alternative which is called debt settlement. This program is quite unique compared to other various credit card debt relief services.

Debt settlement reduces the principle balance of your debt through a negotiation process with your creditors. In this program, a professionally trained debt settlement agent works to negotiate debts with creditors on your behalf.

This is the quickest way of settling credit card debt other than bankruptcy. This program takes about 2-4 years for you to be completely debt-free. With this process, your monthly payment will be reduced as much as 60%. If you are being harassed by collectors, the debt settlement consultants will employ various strategies to eliminate or reduce the harassment.

Beware of the potential negatives of debt settlement. Your creditors may threaten a lawsuit against you for non-payment of your debt. Also, your credit will be adversely affected. If you do decide that debt settlement is right for you, make sure the company offers attorney consultation and a credit repair program to get you back on your feet after all your debt is settled.

You should be wise in choosing a program that offers credit card debt bailout. Many qualified debt settlement firms can give you the chance to discuss their program for free. This will give you a chance in return to learn more about the program and decide if the program is right for you. Individuals have different financial situations that should be considered.

Credit Card Processing Terminals

These-days, about 75-80% of people want to pay for online products and services through credit cards. If a web-based business firm doesn’t accept credit cards or online payment transactions, unquestionably it loses its customers and sales. Payments through credit cards are safe and secure and they deserve the attentions of more and more customers. And off course, these payments present a more professional face to any business. Surly accepting credit cards or other forms of online payments can be very beneficial and fruitful to any business. Not only a web based business but also any small or big business can accept Credit cards through their customers and clients.

There are several merchant solution providers who can assist you to set up online merchant account for your web-based business and make you enable to accept credit cards and other means of online transactions. They provide you credit card machines and related software. There are several different kinds of credit card terminals are available in market depending on kind of business and style of credit card processing. These terminals are also known as Point Of Sale Terminals – POS terminals and the software used in these terminals are termed as the POS Software. What cost comes in setting up merchant solution account? It differs and depends on the functions and technology used in processing machine.

The most basic and economical type of point of sale terminals is Card Reader with a small keypad and display. How credit card machine works? When customer uses credit card, the merchant inserts it into the card reader. Card reader checks the customer’s card information encrypted within the card’s magnetic stripe. Then it verifies that sufficient funds are available on this card to purchase. After that, it takes out money for the purchase from customer credit account and places it directly into the merchant account. Printer attached with card reader will print a receipt for customer. Most of merchants prefer a card reader without an attached printer, but generally retail merchants prefer to use a processing terminal with an attached printer to present receipt with transactions details to his customers.

These-days, wireless credit card machines are also in vogue. But these machines are more costly and generally used for those businesses that continually change their location. The main consumers of such terminals are seasonal shop, taxi drivers, cab drivers, door-to-door sales men, etc.

Thus, we see that credit card processing terminals are of great importance. They can boost up your business and enhance your sales revenues. Manual credit card processing is a tough task, so the latest credit card terminals or machines are used for handling merchant accounts. Terminals provide retailers a fast and low cost way to accept credit cards from their customers.

There are several online merchant service provides who can provide you valuable information about merchant services and credit card processing. They also provide their customers customized merchant solution for their business and establish credit card machines for easy handling processing of credit cards and other form of online transactions